Thursday, August 30, 2007

Firehouse Subs

The Quick Breakdown
-A Superior Sub Shop. No more subway for me.

The Atmosphere
-Hoses, fire hats, axes, masks, and other firehouse memorabilia line the walls of this restaurant. A spectacular mural depicts some firefighters in action. It also incorporates the mascots of several local fire companies.

The Food
-Firehouse Steak Sub: Sauteed sirloin steak with provolone, topped with sauteed onions and bell peppers. Finally, a steak sub with REAL STEAK!!! See the hearty slices of steak in the sandwich. This sub was simply mind-blowing. A must try for cheesesteak lovers.

Damage done to wallet
-12" Firehouse Steak Sub $7.19

Feeling in my belly afterwards
-sub nirvana

What to try next time
-New York steamer Sub

12149 FM 1960 W. Ste.A
Houston, TX 77065

1 comment:

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